11 April 2013
Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Thatcher was responsible for the ubiquitous Mr Wimpy 'ice cream' when she
was part of a chemical research team who discovered adding air would allow
manufacturers to use less of the actual ingredients and naturally reducing
costs...even then she found Ayn Rand an inspiration.

Thatcher's cultural views were predictable; public subsidy supporting culture
with a capital 'c' was reduced by corporate sponsorship continued by the Tory
boys. Cats, Miss Saigon, Starlight Express, Phantom of the Opera, Les
Miserables; the grocer's daughter praised Andrew Lloyd Webber as the
ultimate cultural expression. Scary.

Everybody holds the view that she created the modus operandi for the
proliferation of personal greed via privatisation and that CallMeDave and gleeful
George are determined to establish it to the point of no going back. An
additional benefit is that now we are left with the legacy of distain and blame
against the disadvantaged - well we are the 51st State and she was an early
neo-con. 'The enemy within' - more the enemies within.

Thatcher befriended Reagan to the point of 'separated at birth', conjoined
heads - of state. Curiously he was suffering from the beginning of dementia
when he took office. Just saying....

'Margaret Thatcher has died from a
strike' BBC reported minutes after her
demise was announced. Perfect. The lyrist of '
Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!'
E.Y. Harburg also wrote
'Brother Can You Spare a Dime?'  His Wizard of Oz
musical contribution is now number 1 on iTunes and Amazon so far 4 on the
pop charts. A third version by the Munchkins has also entered the charts. The
campaign to get the song to No.1 to commemorate her death was originally set
up in 2007. An anti-Thatcher 1988 Elvis Costello song,
Tramp the Dirt Down,
also re-entered the charts. A celebration in song then.

The polls are out:
YouGov gives Labour leader Ed Miliband a 14-point lead over
the fawning, air-brushing Conservatives.
The Sun reports Labour up 42%,
Tories down 28%. All those tears shed for nothing CallMeDave. We however
will be shedding tears at Thatcher's funeral as it all goes to plan; at least £10m
from the taxpayers. The Baronness' legacy just never ends.

Diva-Evita-Madonna has also lost out in public opinion - in Malawi. During her
recent visit Malawi-Madonna was accused of bullying officials, lying about the
number of schools she built, embellishing her charity work.

Malawi's education minister accused MM of "exaggerating" the extent of her
charitable work. He said she was building "classrooms", not entire schools as
her charity has claimed, ie; an addition room to the existing eleven schools.

Instead of being treated as a 'normal' VIP and thus offered a private waiting
room and limousine to drive her and her children to her private jet – the family
and her entourage were forced to queue in the airport terminal with (ew) other
passengers and were 'frisked' by (ew) security staff. Ew...queuing....

MM was refused an audience with Malawi's president Joyce Banda. The diva's
spokesman claimed Banda had a "grudge" against her because Banda's sister
was sacked as the head of her charitable foundation for alleged theft. Naturally
allegations were denied.

Banda accused Madonna of wanting Malawi "to be forever chained to the
obligation of gratitude"... as you do when you're a diva.

"'Don't Cry for Me Malawi', I only wanted a 'Holiday' and an 'Easy Ride' so
'Don't Tell Me', 'This Used to Be My Playground'...You're Hung Up' and 'Love
Don't Live Here No More'.... I'm 'Gone'".
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