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When Dave and George did their “we’re all in this together” act on Wednesday, they didn’t mean
the masses of potentially homeless middle class families living under foliage in St James Park.
The ‘we’ they are referring to is the royal ‘we’. We’re all in this together -and you’re not.

Of royal ancestry, our ‘Dave’ is always amused. He and ever smug George were fighting broad
grins as the Tories laughed, cheered and demanded “More! More! More!” over the ideological
implementation of the destruction of the welfare state budget. Poor Clegg looked down in shame
as if he had been relegated to the naughty step. Posh, but no direct lineage I presume.

George and Dave, Royal Trustees for the Civil List (which covers the Queen’s expenditure on
staff, entertaining world leaders and the opening of Parliament) are putting their money where
their family crests are; they promised the Queen will no longer have to pry open her permanently
attached purse to pay her way. For the first time in 250 years, she will have direct access to the
fantastically lucrative Crown Estate. This will leave her with ‘untold riches’... as if she weren’t rich
enough with us adding millions a year to her coffers. A palace spokesperson stayed stalwart:
“The Household obviously has some challenging times ahead....”

Car burning, window smashing, rock throwing riots in Greece, Spain, Portugal, France. UK
unions, The PCS and Unison, are beating their naked hairy chests threatening protests as well –
set for March. It may take that long for the Queen’s citizens to revolt. The reverence of the
peasants for the aristocracy has never revolutionized.... surely because we’re all in this together.

At least 500,000 are waiting for the axe to fall – ouch - with another 500,000 ready and waiting
to do their patriotic duty for crown and country and fall on their swords- ouch. More front line
cuts and lower middle class tax rises to come.

Uber rich but non-royal we’re-all-in-this-together George: “So Dave. The utilities have been sold
off, the industries have been sold off, UK brands have been sold off, the football teams have
been sold off, the schools have been privatised, two hundred and twenty four National Nature
Reserves have been privatised, the tube has been privatised, the NHS will be privatised, the
Royal Mail will be privatised, Murdock will finish off the BBC. Anything left, Dave?”

Uber rich and almost royal we’re-all-in-this-together Dave: “I can’t think of anything, George. Can
we be put on stamps? My left side is my most aristocratic.”

20 of the Tory cabinet are multi-millionaires. Many using tax avoidance schemes – George for
example with his £4m trust fund offshore. 1% of the rich pay into the UK tax structure. Bankers’
bonuses this year - £7bn. Wayne Rooney’s new and improved salary – now £250,000 a week
for his brilliant non-performance at the World Cup and on the pitch.

They’re all in it together.