8 August 2012
The After Party

Messy, predictable, unpredictable, unpretentious, random, innovative, creative,
clever, cool, witty, silly, slick, cheesy, brilliant, bonkers, daft. But it was a party.
Those journalists who slated it and the games - too jingoistic...too long...too
limp...too much miming, no Shirley Bassey. Really? It was fundamentally fun.
Try to 'always look on the bright side of life'.

Okay. Emeli Sande (again?) could have managed to sing on pitch - at least
once, One Direction can stay in the US - has one of them ever actually sung a
note, George Michael - looked cool but promoting his latest not good, Madness
didn't have to sing Our House twice - no matter how much we might love it,
Jesse J three songs - why, Ed Sheeran - Pink Floyd substitute, couldn't we
have had a live Kate Bush instead, but the Spice Girls - unexpected
entertaining, The Who - who knew Roger Daltrey could still sing and Muse,
Elbow, Kaiser Chiefs, the Pet Shop Boys, Annie Lennox - admit it: the nearly
15,000 athletes were deliriously camera happy, smiling, miming, swaying,

Music critic for the
LA Times Randall Roberts wrote the ceremony "did little to
showcase a musical culture at its Olympian peak for sheer Vegas
ridiculousness", China was confused, France ignored it, Australia loved it,  
Der Spiegal called  the ceremony "absolutely buzzing" and
wondered "Is there a world-famous band which is not British?" No. 'We Will
Rock You'.

Regarding the games: the still bitter at losing the bid French dismissed the
entire Olympics and called us 'cheats', the US didn't bother to mention it, but the
Germans (who knew?) loved it. Now we can forgive them for all those towels on
beach chairs. Canadians viewed it as brilliant after listing all the early cock-ups,
the Australians took both sides and some thought London did it better, some
thought Sydney did it better as the best Olympics Games hosts, New Zealand
slated the BBC's bias coverage, China was a bit begrudging but positive in a
bone tossed to the dog kind of way, but in Milan's
Corriere della Sera: "This
Olympics was a success for Great Britain...the capital had wanted to throw a
party for the world. And when we're talking about parties, ceremonies and
festivals, the English are unrivalled...Congratulations, and thank you for a
fantastic party."

Ignoring, if possible, the fascistic control by the US corporations - Coca Cola,
McDonalds, Cadbury - not all that easy to do really - it was a brilliant 30th
Olympiad. We are the source for not only almost all sports - all right, not beach
volleyball, but then again, not a sport - as well as the oldest Amateur Athletics
Association, Football Association and Jockey Club. 'You Should be Dancing -
yeah'... even Boris...any excuse for a party, so party on.
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