21 December 2019
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Upon Reflection

You wake up from the Brexit/Tory/Boris nightmare and – uh oh – it wasn’t. It’s
the new reality and going back to sleep clearly isn’t the answer to total despair
and panic.

So best to start with “
a period of reflection”? A period of reflection? Shouldn’t
Jezza and his cult following have thought of that before? Clue: forensic
examination perhaps. Really! Before the Machiavellian Marxists totally took over
the party perhaps? Jezza is determined to keep the party on the waaaayyyyy
far-left. Now that’s surely the way to go. Can’t wait until he does.

Well, Len McCluskey wasn’t exactly ‘reflecting’. Instead the Unite chief —who as
we know helped to destroy the party via his determined, extreme left ideology -
drowned his sorrows at The Ivy with his mates quaffing – champagne. As you
do? Really? A witness: “Len was drinking champagne and his group shared a
they looked very happy with themselves. It was a table of six, they arrived
at around 2.30 pm and started cracking on, they were celebrating … Maybe I’m
being naive, but I just thought after the election it’s the last person you expect.”
Or see celebrating. Hmm. And Len? His excuse was that it was his work’s
Christmas do. Not working, Len.

Back to the Labour seat-loser JC claiming he had “
won the argument,” if not the
election. What? Reality check required. The battle is then expected to run for
about 10 weeks, with the new leader in place before the end of March, if they
can maintain civility. Possibly not.

Arguments? Speaking of, the possible contenders are apparently fighting over
who will lock JC in his shed – or possibly bury him in his allotment, so here’s the
list so far: Lisa Nandy, Jess Phillips, Clive Lewis, Keir Starmer, Emily
Thornberry, David Lammy, Yvette Cooper, Dawn Butler, Ian Lavery, Barry
Gardiner and Richard Burgon, Angela Rayner and Rebecca Long-Bailey.
Angela Rayner is willing to back Long-Bailey, the JC clone. NO! Not Long-Bailey.

Arguments? More like vicious accusations with each taking a shot at Jezza.
“Shambolic, incoherent, useless, incredible.” Nothing new. Same words they
have been using for the last two years. “
The real reason was you!” “Personally
toxic!” “Well, that was brutal.” “The biggest drag on our vote was you”. “Preening
narcissism” was said regarding his selfie taking with a group of young people
‘for betraying their future.’ His manifesto was termed “economically illiterate”.

JC, faced sans reflection – I know - what one person present reported was “a
monstering”, as the anger from last week’s general election rout finally exploded
in Committee Room 14 in the Commons.
There was applause, and it wasn’t for
Jezza and his reflection!

The man without honour, character, intelligence, maturity did not take full
responsibility on the morning after the result and even worse, he hadn’t even
contacted those who lost their seats. The man has no idea what being a leader
entails. Mary Creagh told Channel 4 that he was “
a man without honour and
without shame”. Ouch!.

Oh let’s add a bit more. Basically form letters were sent out to all those who lost
their seats. No personal acknowledge. JC added to a few at the bottom: TKS.
Soulless as well as shameful And lest we forget, when Gordon Brown lost in
2010 he sent handwritten apologies to losing candidates. Hmm. Oh and Jezza
voted 428 times against the Blair/Brown governments.

Be aware. Several MPs have warned against any attempts to “rig” the next
election to succeed him as leader with his ‘Continuity Corbyn’ candidate
Rebecca Long-Bailey. We will see – as it were.

The Devil in the Details

Boris has plans. Unrestrained now. He plans a ‘revolution’ in government. A
“people’s government”. Oh right. Yes – right-wing posing as left-wing. Well,
Cummings has the plans. Sacking swathes of his cabinet, scrapping Whitehall
departments and making sweeping changes to the civil service. A total overhaul.
With Al repeatedly claiming his new top team is now a "People's Government"
adding ‘insult to injury’ here for gypsies, the disabled, immigrants, etc…
Historian/journalist/etc Paul Johnson tweeted re the Queen's Speech:

What it said:

“After Brexit we need to look at broader aspects of constitution: relationship
between government, parliament, courts.”

What it means:

We are going to get even with Supreme Court and judges who ruled prorogation
of Parliament illegal#QueensSpeech.

And we know Al is revengeful. Not looking good at all. Particularly his obvious
evil smirk as he and Jezza walked arm and arm – OK, joking – they walked next
to each other for the State Opening of Parliament. Al was looking straight at
Jezza. Shivers down spine moment. Jezza was looking straight ahead with his ‘
looks could kill
’. Didn’t work. JC

“You ‘Ain’t Seen Nothing yet Folks”

But Al won’t have to worry about those pesky details he avoids. “And Mr
Johnson, how many children do you have?” “Erm…” Time out for a quick smile:
Boris announced “unemployment is up again!” He meant down. Well, he just
doesn’t do details. And from the hair-apparent: “
you ‘ain’t seen nothing yet
”. “Folks”? “Folks”? AUGH! Did he actually quote Ronald Reagan? Yes he
did. Trying not to throw up. Trying. “So Mr Johnson what do you want for
Christmas?” “After my ‘stonking’ victory, I want to break the record set by Sir
Robert Walpole. His reign lasted almost 21 years. Mine will last longer of course.
Remember, l'état, c'est moi.” He sooooo clearly has a long-term plan for at least
ten years. Help!

New Statesman’s George Eaton has predicted that the Tories will use their
to “reshape British democracy” in a bid to “entrench Conservative
hegemony for a generation”. Oh look. It’s Boris, a lord a leaping.

Oh and Boris has ordered officials to drop the term “Brexit” after we leave the
EU on January 31 – or will Al sack them? As well as refusing to refer to the UK-
EU free trade agreement to be negotiated next year as a “deal”. Not ‘done-deal’
then? That should solve the problem. But how will they refer to the plan for no-
Brexit? Huh? “
Let the healing begin.” We were told from the steps of No 10…Al’s
latest mantra. Riotous laughing heard.

To Ape One’s Behaviour

Now we can know what Boris is thinking. Well, attempting to – think that is. A
tech firm has developed software that enables CCTV cameras to ‘
read’ your
on a crowd via AI. How? The software maps facial characteristics. And
Al’s? A smug. The upper and lower body, hand gestures and interactions with
others being ‘read’. So they can read behaviour patterns, the ‘emotional index’
of the group/crowd. Not in the future,
it is already here. It is in use at a private
university but not in the UK – yet.

We live with them listening/seeing/tracking us when we are inside our living
room/bedroom/bathroom, on the street, in shops, in any public space. Oh – and
they ‘share’ all the data of course. Thinking those who so say with so much self-
satisfaction “
If you have nothing to hide…” – maybe only those idiots should be
spied on. Now what more could be revealed than Al’s supercilious smugness vs
Jezza’s scornful surliness. Says it all!

Set Off the Alarm Bell

Mark Francois and some 50 MPs, led by of the fanatical anti-EU European
Research Group, are backing the formal request the ring Big Ben to celebrate
the end of Great Britain 31 January. Francois told the
Telegraph it was a "new
era" and "inconceivable ... that Big Ben would not form part of a national
celebration to leave the EU". He called for the public to support the move "so that
our national icon of Big Ben will chime to mark the fact that
we are again a free
". Words fail.

The bell has been silent since August 2017 because of major renovations
scheduled to last four years with the exception made for Remembrance Sunday
and the New Year. How ironic. ‘Remember and new’….

And Boris reminded us that ‘Great’ Britain's departure from the EU would lead to
"a new golden age" for Little Britain and an "over-arching programme of national
renewal". Shouldn’t he be ‘aping’ his clone with “
Make Little England great!” Oh,
he is.

Not the first time for Francois and friends. Then-House of Commons speaker
John Bercow blocked their attempts. But now Bercow’s replacement, Labour MP
Sir Lindsay Hoyle has decided that the people have spoken. Oh right. That 52
per cent. 48 per cent? What 48 per cent?

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Italian police said they have arrested 334 people, including a police colonel, the
head of the Calabrian mayors’ association and a former MP from Silvio
Berlusconi’s party, lawyers, accountants and other officials in a major operation
against the southern ‘Ndrangheta organized crime syndicate,
considered Italy’s
most powerful mafia group.

Some 2,500 police as well as army paratroopers took part in the raid
“This is the biggest sweep since the Palermo maxi-trial (475 suspects tried in
1986-87),” Cantanzo prosecutor Nicola Gratteri said in a statement. Some of
those held were arrested in Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria on European
arrest warrants. Some of the ‘Ndrangheta’s businesses
used to launder money
were registered in Britain

Of Italy’s three main mafia groups, the ‘Ndrangheta is centred in the Calabria
region, while the Camorra syndicate is based in and around Naples and the
Costa Nostra Mafia is in Sicily. Surely you needed to know.

But you didn’t know did you – unless you watch Euronews – now ‘controlled’ by
US NBC…hmm. So much going on in Europe, Poland, France now Italy but we
are unaware as the media coverage covers only Boris & Brexit, Donny’s
impeachment – interminably – and a few images of Australia burning. News?
What news?
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